Coronavirus and invasive species

Pandemic concept with map
This article was originally published on the CHAP blog. Dr Richard Shaw is Country Director and Regional Coordinator Invasives at CABI UK. Using his invasive species expertise, he examines the global spread of coronavirus
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Lantana – a battle not yet over!

I’m really pleased to see a more sensible discussion going on about the realities of invasive species management thanks to the article in Invasive plant News which involved one of our regional Coordinators for Invasives Arne Witt from our CABI Africa Centre.  The crux of the issue was the naïve use of the word eradication…
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Public perception and knotweed biocontrol

In 2010, we commenced with a controlled release of the specialist Japanese knotweed natural enemy, Aphalara itadori, in the UK.  This has been the culmination of many years of project development and intense research and is effectively a first for Europe, at least as far as weeds are concerned. Japanese knotweed pushing through tarmac in Buckinghamshire…
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