CABI’s new biocontrol video


CABI has produced a new video which focuses on how we are using biological control, or biocontrol, to manage some of the worst invasive species that are affecting farmers’ livelihoods.

Biocontrol is a sustainable way of controlling invasive species. It uses very specific natural enemies of the invasive species, which pose no threat to the new ecosystem, and can represent a long-term and effective management option.

Shot in Malaysia, the video shows different problems farmers are experiencing with invasive species and highlights the environmental benefits of using biocontrol over chemical pesticides or herbicides.

The video explains the different biocontrol methods currently used by CABI to control invasive pests.

Building on its track record in invasive species management, CABI will deliver a unique global programme to support 50 million vulnerable African and Asian farming families impacted by species that are out of control and threatening their livelihoods.

To learn more about the impact of invasive species on livelihoods, please visit: Sign up to our invasive species newsletter to get regular news, or show your support.

One thought on “CABI’s new biocontrol video

  1. Colin Ryall February 5, 2017 / 11:54 am

    Useful and interesting series of case studies, well presented.

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