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Latest book in the CABI Invasive Series: Parthenium Weed

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Parthenium weed (Parthenium hysterophorus) is considered one of the worst weeds in the world. It has invaded and is widespread in about 48 countries in Africa, Asia and the South Pacific, and has the potential to spread to new countries in Africa, Asia and parts of Europe. In the countries it has invaded, it has devastating effects on the livelihoods of millions of people causing significant economic, health and environmental loss. In order to effectively manage parthenium weed and mitigate the impacts it has, one needs a good understanding of the biology and ecology of the weed as well as effective management strategies already utilised. As the editors of CABI’s new book on Parthenium so candidly put, ‘know your enemy’ is the first step in effective management.

The latest book in the CABI Invasive Series ‘Parthenium Weed: Biology, Ecology and Management’ is an account of parthenium weed and a vital step towards knowing your enemy. This book represents a comprehensive reference book for researchers, students and professionals involved in weed management, government officials and policy makers, and anyone interested in parthenium weed. As outlined in the table of contents it covers all aspects of the weed’s, biology, mode of spread, its impact on agricultural production, its effect on the environment and on human health, and its management using biological control, as well as cultural, physical and chemical approaches. It also considers the coordination of the weed’s management, possible uses for Parthenium weed, its present distribution and how this is impacted by climate change. This book truly represents a one stop shop for all interested in parthenium weed management throughout the world and would be a fantastic addition to any library.

Parthenium Weed.inddParthenium Weed: Biology, Ecology and Management

Table of contents

  1. An Introduction to the ‘Demon Plant’ Parthenium Weed
  2. Biology and Ecology
  3. Spread
  4. Interference and Impact of Parthenium Weed on Agriculture
  5. Impacts on the Environment
  6. Impact of Parthenium Weed on Human and Animal Health
  7. Biological Control
  8. Management: Physical, Cultural, Chemical
  9. Coordination of Management
  10. Parthenium Weed: Uses and Abuses
  11. History and Management – Australia and Pacific
  12. History and Management – Southern Asia
  13. History and Management – East and South-east Asia
  14. History and Management – Southern Africa and Western Indian Ocean Islands
  15. History and Management – East and North Africa, and the Middle East
  16. Conclusions

The Parthenium book is available to buy from CABI’s bookshop and more information, including latest news, up-to-date content and useful links is available on CABI’s Parthenium portal.

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